The 12th IEEE International

EDOC Conference (EDOC 2008)


The Enterprise Computing Conference

15-19 September 2008, München, Germany

EDOC 2008 Conference Program

Program of the 2008 International IEEE EDOC Conference

The program of the 2008 IEEE International EDOC conference on enterprise computing will have four parts. All parts of the program will be scheduled such as to allow for enough time for discussions.

Scientific paper presentations
These are the presentations of papers accepted in the paper submission and review process. Accepted papers will be printed in the conference proceedings.
Invited talks
Leading edge researchers and industry representatives will present key-notes covering hot topics and important business related issues in the software and services areas.
Research Workshops
EDOC workshops focus on specific innovative areas in research and business perspectives. Workshops and their contributions are organized by individual workshop chairs upon acceptance of the workshop proposal by the EDOC workshop chair.
Industry Workshops and Panel Discussions
EDOC industry workshops and panel discussions focus on specific enterprise computing topics with high business impact, e.g. standardization or service infrastructures.
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