The 12th IEEE International

EDOC Conference (EDOC 2008)


The Enterprise Computing Conference

15-19 September 2008, München, Germany


Profile and History of EDOC Conferences

EDOC conferences are a highly recognized forum for presenting and exchanging leading edge technology and research results in the area of enterprise computing and enterprise architectures. EDOC conferences bring together leading experts from various professions, among which --

  • senior researchers from academic and industrial labs,
  • CIOs,
  • IT architects,
  • enterprise solution designers,
  • representatives of standardization bodies like OMG

EDOC conference are being located in the centers of key economic areas around the world. The speakers and the audience of each of the recent EDOC conferences come from more than 30 countries and from all continents.
EDOC conferences are hosted by famous industrial research and development laboratories as well as key academic institutions.

Previous EDOC Conferences

EDOC 2007 Conference

Keynote Speakers 2007

EDOC 2007 logo
EDOC 2007 Conference

October 15-19, 2007,
Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.A.
Host: MITRE Corporation

Mircea Mihaescu

Bill Neugent
(MITRE Corporation)

EDOC 2006 Conference

Keynote Speakers 2006

EDOC 2006 logo
EDOC 2006 Conference
October 16-20 2006,
Hong Kong
Co-Hosts: City University of Hong Kong and
Hong Kong Polytechnical University

Masayoshi Ejiri
(Fujitsu Ltd, Japan)

Xindong Wu
(University of Vermont, USA)

EDOC 2005 Conference

Keynote Speakers 2005

EDOC 2005 Conference
September 19-23 2005,
Enschede, The Netherlands
Host: University of Twente

Frank Leymann
(Stuttgart University and IBM Corp.)

Fabio Casati
(Hewlett Packard Labs)

Thomas J. Greene

EDOC 2004 Conference

Keynote Speakers 2004

EDOC 2003 logo
EDOC 2004 Conference
September 20-24 2004,
Monterey, California, USA
Host: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Douglas Schmidt
(Vanderbilt University)

John A. Zachman
(Zachman International)

David Lehman
(MITRE Corporation)

EDOC 2003 Conference

Keynote Speakers 2003

EDOC 2003 logo
EDOC 2003 Conference
September 16-19 2003,
Brisbane, Australia
Host: CRC for Enterprise Distributed Systems Technology (DSTC)

David Frankel
(David Frankel Consulting)

Klaus-Dieter Naujok
(Global e-Business Advisory Council and UN/CEFACT)

Donald Ferguson

EDOC 2002 Conference

Keynote Speakers 2002

EDOC2002 Logo
EDOC 2002 Conference
September 17-20, 2002 EPFL,
Lausanne, Switzerland

Kristin Nygaard

Betrand Meyer
(ETH Zurich)

Martin Gerber

EDOC 2001 Conference

Keynote Speakers 2001

EDOC2001 Logo
EDOC 2001 Conference
September 4-7, 2001 Boeing Corporation,
Seattle, Washington, USA

Clemens Szyperski
(Microsoft Research)

Chris Horn
(Iona Technologies)

Martin Sachs
(IBM Research)

Sridhar Iyengar

EDOC 2000 Conference

Keynote Speakers 2000

EDOC2000 Logo
EDOC 2000 Conference
September 25-28 Fujitsu Makuhari System Laboratory
Makuhari, Japan

Stuart Feldman

Linda Northrop
(SEI, Carnegy Mellon University)

Shoichiro Ishigaki
(NTT DoCoMo)

EDOC 1999 Conference

Keynote Speakers 1999

EDOC1999 Logo
EDOC 1999 Conference
September 27-30, University of Mannheim

Frank Buschmann

Trygve Reenskaug
(Professor Emeritus University of Oslo)

EDOC 1998 Conference

Keynote Speakers 1998

EDOC1998 Logo
EDOC'98 Conference
November 2-5, Hyatt Regency La Jolla
San Diego, California, USA

Ivar Jacobson

Philip Bernstein

EDOC 1997 Conference

Keynote Speakers 1997

EDOC1997 Logo
EDOC 1997 The First EDOC Conference
October 24-26, Marriott Resort
Gold Coast, Australia

Jim Coplien
(Bell Labs)

Kevin Tyson
(Enterprise Engineering Associates)

Sandy Tyndale-Biscoe

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